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MP&I has developed unique solutions to address the domestic and export packaging needs of engineering industry. We offer protective packaging solution to a wide range of Engineering Industries including bearings, fly wheels and gears, castings & forgings, compressors, industrial batteries, engines, motors, alternators, transformers, control panels, insulation panels, pumps etc. The high elongation and exceptional recovery of the plastic strapping guarantees a secure package for Engineering Industry. Please contact our MP&I Marketing People to discuss this or other applications.

MP&I exclusive gamut of PET strap is manufactured using superior grade raw material, which ensures durability of our range at client's end. Ideal for long-distance and long-period transportation. MP&I PET strap is among the few ones in the market able to ensure a very high sealing efficiency. The bale is therefore 100% stable and any phase of handling and transport is safe. PET Polyester Straps and PP Polypropylene Straps are used for bale as packing material. Specific for packaging of both synthetic and natural fibers (acrylic, cotton, polyester, tow, wool, etc…), the two strapping systems can be integrated to the press unit, in the production of these products. Polypropylene strap is easy to use and suitable for many applications and it remains the best packaging solution for wool bumps. Being the result of high technology and quality materials, PP strap ensures the highest sealing efficiency, thus having always a perfect and safe package in any phase of handling and transport.

MP&I provides various solutions for Food or Beverage products. Typical applications are pallets with crates or kegs, display pallets and stacked PET bottles, Products in boxes and sacks, different palletized loads. The right solution for the Food & Beverage industry which includes breweries, soft drinks, mineral water, juices, wineries, dairy, meat, poultry/ chicken, fish, fruits, vegetables, ice cream, frozen food, food or beverage distribution centers and others. The fully automatic Stretch film - packs different sizes of pallets with a watertight Stretch film. The stable under stretch binds product, under packing and pallet together into a stable load unit. It is able to use the more cost-effective Stretch films and minimize the consumption of film used by its gentle film stretching process.

MP&I offers total packaging solutions for the Timber /Panel Board Industry: Panel Board (MDF, OSB, Particle board, etc.), flooring, converted lumber (planed) and others. Packaged secured by strapping the goods. Our collection of wooden pallets strapping come in various dimensions. These strapping are environment friendly and have higher elasticity. These strapping are used for packing of various types & sizes of wooden pallets. Weather resistance and resistance to shock loading features make them applicable for various packaging applications. The different types of pallets for which our strapping are used are cartons, film rolls, bags, bottles.

MP&I offers different special products, machines, PP & PET straps, dedicated either to corrugated industry and to graphic arts. Unit loads weighing tons, multiple loading and unloading operations in the course of transportation by truck, railway and even ship. Even high pallets can be safely loaded and unloaded and transported. MP&I offer the full range of systems from hand tools to individual strapping machines. It is actively engaged in designing pack styles for Paper industry to reduce wood usage and substitute traditional packaging materials with lighter and environmentally friendly packaging materials. Solutions are palletized format paper (ream), paper rolls, boxed copy paper, special paper products and others. Being a high technology product, PP Straps can also bear high tensioning, thus ensuring the highest stability of the strapped package. The fully automatic machine is suitable for applications in book trading, paper and cardboard industry, bookbinding, box factories.

MP&I is a full range system components supplier from the simple strap all the way to comprehensive strapping facilities. Polyester strapping has proven to provide several clear advantages over steel strapping in brick, concrete pavers and roof tiles packaging applications. MP&I technology is used to secure products on pallets. Pavers, flags, blocks or even curb stones are safely secured with polyester strapping. MP&I provideS automatic solutions for different tile shapes and formats. Its good resistance to sharp corners together with its high strength, allow to use PP band to strap tiles pack or hollow bricks either placed on skid or not, to be handled in total safety conditions. Our experience in strapping materials and systems dedicated to bricks and tiles Industry, we can offer the highest reliability on all our products.

MP&I offers total packaging solutions to the Metal Industry which includes hot and cold mills, rod and bar applications, metal service centers, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. MP&I product offering includes plastic strapping, protective packaging materials, and a full range of packing films and papers offering corrosion protection. Typical applications are mobile strapping with battery-powered tools, Strapping of slit coils with integrated turntable, bundles of profiles with strapping of metal sheets. PET Straps are used in Drum Lashing in Container which is suitable for application in all modes of transportation for shipment by road, rail and sea, Its major application are in Cargo Securing on Flat-Bed Trailers /Trucks/ LCVs, Car Securing in Carriers, Steel Coil Lashing and Ware - House Belts, Metal Sheets Lashing, Metal Coils Lashing, Copper Plates Strapping, etc.

MP&I provides automatic solutions for different tile shapes and formats. Polypropylene strap is easy to use and cost effective and it is suitable to pack floor tiles parcels. Polyester strap is highly resistant and inalterable in high temperature conditions which is suitable to strap floor tiles pallets, which after the strapping phase, usually goes into the thermo-shrinking oven: right in that situation PET strap shows its effectiveness, because it stays unchanged and keeps the compactness of the pallet. Trail-blazing solutions in the field of shrink wrapping technology have been created for ensuring the safe transportation of pallets loaded with glass products. The shrink wrapping of pallets can be safely lifted up and wrapped even with high stack heights. It is used for holding individual layers of bottles with a film band.

MP&I is an integrated packing material supplier. PET Strap is commonly used for palletized loads, such as bottles and cans, to prevent product shifting during handling and transit. It has applications to ensure transport security for producers in the Cans & Bottles industry: beverage cans, food cans, PET bottles/ PET containers, glass bottles. The existing emerging and potential applications of PET Straps are Alcoholic Beverages, Edible Oils, Detergents/ Cleaning Liquids, Tea, health care products, Shampoo Hair Oils, Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Carbonated Water (Soda), Fruit Juices, Syrups, Pickles, Vinegar, Lubricating Oils and Cans.

MP&I partners Automobile Industry, wherever wheels, components, car body parts, instruments and spare parts need to be protected and packed on the highest possible and reliable level to avoid any damage or production delay. Wherever most reliable packaging is needed, might it be in the Pharmaceutical Distribution Centers or in Manufacturing plants, MP&I secures your business with specific packaging solutions. Indeed from polyester and polypropylene strapping products to robust Pallet Press Power press machines, for the safe packaging of palletized loads to stretch films to keep loads dust proof and water proof, all MP&I solutions are designed with operator efficiency and low running costs firmly in mind. MP&I has narrow propylene strapping that are suited for all bundling machines commonly used by printers for packing newspapers, newsprints, magazines, etc. We are committed to doing our best for you, and welcome inquiries for Plastic Straps.

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